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The Parable of the Crutch and the Wheelchair

When debating the state of welfare in our country, there are many well-intentioned people who argue that our nation needs welfare because individuals can’t survive without it.  To illustrate why this isn’t so, let me tell you the parable of the crutch and the wheelchair.

Short-term assistance is like a crutch, and long-term welfare is like a wheelchair. If a person breaks their leg, a crutch can support them long enough for their injury to heal so they can walk again on their own. However, if you push that same otherwise healthy person around in a wheelchair for as long as their leg takes to heal, they will lose enough muscle and stamina that walking again will be an uncomfortable challenge. If they forgo the discomfort and stay in the wheelchair, having become so accustomed to it, they will eventually reach the point where they won’t be able to walk independently without some serious rehabilitation.

When an individual or family breaks a financial leg and can’t make it on their own, providing them the crutch of short-term assistance is sensible and laudable, but only necessary for them to get back on their own two feet.  Keeping a financially injured individual or family in the long-term welfare wheelchair, while it may come from a sense of caring and compassion, is not the way to get them back on the road of social and financial wellness. Long term welfare robs people of the ability, and often the desire, to financially walk on their own.

Our society has shortsightedly raised generations who are dependent on government assistance for their survival. Relieving people of the responsibility for their own support also takes away the rewards of self-sufficiency. If, as a society, we really want to help people, we will become rehabilitators instead of facilitators.

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I Want It, So I Deserve It

Among many Americans, there is a belief that the government could pay for all sorts of wonderful things if only they weren’t so stingy. Some people feel they deserve government assistance for housing, food, medical care, child care, higher education, transportation, and utilities, among other things. In short, many grown-up Americans are still operating with the spoiled teenager mindset of thinking they have a right to have all their needs and wants met, and that the government should take the place of mom and dad in being their great provider.

And like teenagers, this breed of entitlement-loving American is not concerned with how things are paid for, as long as they keep getting what they want. But in the real world, goods and services aren’t free, and the government cannot simply produce wealth like manna from heaven. The funding must come from somewhere, and that somewhere is the taxpayers.

However, the simple fact is that the current US income comes nowhere close to being able to cover the current US spending, and the difference is all borrowed. At this time, the US debt is over 15.5 trillion dollars. That is 15 with twelve zeros! Broken down per citizen, each man, woman, and child in this country owes over $49,700. A family of four’s portion of the debt is nearly 200 thousand dollars! If our country’s debts came due tomorrow, would you be able to cover your family’s share? I know I couldn’t.

It is past time for our government to become a responsible parent and realize that its children have become indolent and greedy, and cut us off for our own good. Make no mistake, this will be quite a difficult transition as Americans shift back to the mindset that if they want something, they need to go out and get if for themselves. As Benjamin Franklin said, “I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” [1]


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Birth Control Brouhaha

It should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians and their parties are not always honest. Misdirection, half-truth, and ommission are tools of their trade. But in the currently popular debate over birth control, certain parties are pulling out all the stops and choosing a complete lie as their tool of choice.

The lie being spread by the left is that, because of Republicans, women are being denied access to birth control. This is simply not true. Nobody is being denied access to birth control. Anyone with a prescription can go to a pharmacy and have it filled.

The truth is that the Republicans are against Obama’s mandate that employers and health plans must provide free prescription birth control to workers. Regardless of where you stand on the morality of birth control, this country isn’t so far gone that we can’t recognize that stealing is wrong. When you force someone to give you something that doesn’t belong to you, that is stealing.

If an employer or health plan should choose to provide free birth control, then they should be allowed to do so. However, forcing a private employer or company to provide it for free is organized theft. The government of our country has blithely ignored what is constitutional in order to do what is popular.

The 5th ammendment of the US constitution [1] states that the government shall not take private property for public use, without just compensation. But in spite of this, the federal government has mandated that private property, in this case birth control, be taken from employers and health plans and redistributed to a portion of the population without compensation. To force employers who are morally opposed to birth control to pay for it was just adding insult to injury.

This is the truth that the left’s lie was designed to hide.

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