It’s All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating

09 Jul

At this time of year when we celebrate our nation’s independence, let us reflect on the reasons why our forebearers believed as strongly as they did that they should rise up and throw off the shackles of a tyrannical government. How did they begin as British subjects, loyal to the crown, and end up starting a revolution?

While there were several events that led up to the Declaration of Independence, the greatest causes of discontent among the colonists were unfair taxation and King George’s refusal to listen to their concerns. We all know how events played out; the colonists succeeded against nearly unbeatable odds in obtaining their independence from Britain.

Here we are today, 236 years in the future, but sadly, our government has failed to learn from this lesson of the past. People are once again outraged by unfair taxation and a government that refuses to listen to their concerns. In addition to a heavily imbalanced and inequitable income tax system, our government has just gained the ability to tax us for not buying something, which is outrageous by any reasonable standard. In 1776, the colonists had the ability to choose to not buy the taxed goods, or at the very least, to practice civil disobedience by refusing to pay. In our modern age, the government can simply pluck our money out of our bank accounts or to take it from us before we ever receive it from our employers.

In addition to the out of control tax system, our modern government is also refusing to listen to the concerns of the people. Our President and several of our elected representatives have ignored citizen’s concerns and dismissed those that disagree with the President’s policies as “bitter” and “racist” [1][2]. If our government is going to continue in the example of King George, they only need to look at history to see what the final results will be.

EDIT: Since writing this, I have learned more about the provisions in Obamacare that restrict the ways the IRS can collect the tax penalty for not having insurance. At this time, the IRS cannot put a lien on bank accounts and they may not garnish wages to collect the tax penalty, so this is one unjust tax that cannot be taken from us through tax liens or wage garnishment…yet.

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