Get Out the Vote

17 Jul

Historically speaking, only a small fraction of people have ever been able to enjoy the right to vote, and to people who don’t yet have voting privileges, the right to vote has great value. But perhaps because we have lived with the privilege for so many generations, many Americans have lost sight of how precious it is. In the 2008 election, only 131 million out of 206 million eligible voters voted in the presidential election, and about 60 million people hadn’t even registered [1].

Many non-voters claim that they didn’t vote because they are simply too busy, [2] but this is a silly excuse. Anyone can register at in under five minutes, and internet access is available at public libraries if it’s not available at home. Also, voting in Oregon is all done by mail. If you feel that you are too busy to sit down and complete the ballot all at once, make one decision at a time whenever you have a few minutes, and then mail it in when you’re done.

Another reason that people say they don’t vote is because they feel their vote won’t matter [2]. This election year, that is simply not true. Our candidates have extremely different visions of where they want to take the country, and I think all political parties could agree that there are serious problems facing the nation right now. With the start of the Obamacare tax-cum-penalty just around the corner, the choice of the next president will have a significant and direct financial impact on every citizen.

We have three months to help as many people as we can get ready to vote. At, you can check to see if you’re registered, as well as pledge to help others register to vote. This is our opportunity to change the course of history, and every vote will matter.

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