Affordable Health Care, My Sweet Aunt Fanny!

02 Aug

There are plenty of laws with misleading names, but the official name of Obamacare, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, should win a prize for the law with the most inaccurate title. The name suggests that its purpose might be to protect patient’s privacy or treatment options and to do things to reduce the price of health care, such as initiate malpractice reform or create low-cost options for patients. However, it doesn’t do anything like that.

What Obamacare actually does is force debilitating regulations on private insurance companies and tax people for their personal insurance choices. Even though the name of the act includes the phrase “affordable care,” all it really does to aid Americans to get affordable care is to compel the uninsured to purchase health insurance.

Also, the writers of Obamacare have a questionable definition of “affordable,” even taking into account the huge subsidies on premiums. It’s unlikely that a family that can’t afford to pay for insurance now will be able to afford to pay 5-10% of their income [1] for insurance when the law goes into effect, or that they will be able to afford the $2,085 tax [2] when they don’t have the funds for insurance. Furthermore, health insurance is not health care, so don’t forget about co-pays in addition to premiums [3].

You may be wondering where the money for all the insurance subsidies is going to come from. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the cost of Obamacare over the next decade will come to a whopping 1.25 trillion dollars [4]. If they had been honest about naming Obamacare, it would have been The Drive Insurance Companies Out of Business and Do Nothing to Make Health Care Affordable While Increasing the National Debt Act, but I suppose that title was too long for them.

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