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Yeah, He’s Rich. So What?

I have breaking news regarding presidential-hopeful Mitt Romney. He’s rich. That’s right, he’s got a lot of money! Estimates of his net worth are about $250 million dollars [1]. By working hard in college, he was able to get a good job, and by working hard at his job, he was able to make very good money which he then invested intelligently.

Now that we’ve got that out in the open, I must admit that I don’t understand why it is such a big deal. He worked for his money and he obviously knows how to invest and manage it well. Is the ability to make and manage one’s own money now viewed as a negative trait in our society? And are we really supposed to believe that electing a fiscally-savvy president is somehow undesirable?  If it’s true that being well-off makes someone unable to understand “average” people, then Barack Obama isn’t going to understand them either as his net worth is greater than the combined assets of over 100 average US families [2][3].

Let’s put Romney’s money into perspective; he doesn’t even come close to making the Forbes 400 list. Two of the richest people in America, George Soros and Warren Buffet (worth 22 and 29 billion respectively [4]) are big supporters of Barack Obama and have donated to his campaign and to organizations that support his campaign [5][6]. If money is evil, as the left keeps implying, then those two men must be ready to burst into flames, and yet the Democrats have no problem with their money. Oprah Winfrey has nearly 11 times more in assets than Mitt Romney, she backs Obama “100%” [7], and nobody seems to care. John Kerry’s trust-fund fortune didn’t prevent him from receiving his party’s nomination.

It would seem that affluence is only a wicked state for Republicans, as evidenced by all the filthy rich progressives that get a free pass.

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