If Wishes Were Horses

18 Feb

Last week brought us the State of the Union Address, the annual accounting that our President is required to give before Congress about the condition of our country. Instead of being frank and declaring that the state of our union is not so great, the President instead chose to prevaricate, embellish, distract, misrepresent, and bend the truth back and forth until it snapped.

He claimed that corporations are doing a booming business, with profits that have “skyrocketed to all-time highs” [1]. I’m sure this came as a great surprise to companies like Kodak, Hostess, US Airways, and those like them who have recently declared bankruptcy, as well as all the other businesses who are laying off workers and lowering wages to stay afloat.  He also claimed that raising minimum wage will cure poverty, that women still don’t earn as much as men and that he is going to fix it, and that universal pre-school will be what saves our failing education program.

In reality land, however, raising minimum wage is not an effective solution to treat poverty, for more reasons than we have time to discuss. Women already do earn equal pay [2], and there is no evidence that pre-school makes a long-term difference in academic performance in children [3]. In fact, most of his proposed “reforms” lacked verifiable facts to back them up, and read like a far-left political platform.

Obama’s “Santa Claus Platform,”[4] as Rand Paul describes it, is much like what goes on at Santa’s North Pole. It promises something for nothing, it’s more about warm feelings and pleasant fiction than reality and facts, and the free labor and goods are imaginary. Much like the generosity of St. Nick, Obama’s promises that his plans will not cost us “a single dime” [1]. And if you believe that, I’ll cut you a deal on this bridge I own in Brooklyn.


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