Go Team!

02 Aug

Sports fanatics don’t choose their favorite team in a rational manner. They don’t sit down and calculate which team to root for based on the current line-up, statistics, and what is best for the sport as a whole. They go with their emotions. The team that makes them feel the most fired up is the one that gets their devotion, and logic simply has no part in it.

In today’s political arena, the same kind of decision making skills are being applied by lawmakers and voters alike. Logic is tossed aside in favor of blind loyalty and rooting for the home team. Reasonable discourse and exchange of ideas become less and less common as each side becomes more focused only on being the victor in every struggle, and not on doing what makes the most sense for the country.

Political fanaticism doesn’t require a lot of critical thinking, just blind obedience. Facts and reason cannot sway someone who makes choices based on allegiance to a party. This kind of thinking has brought us a health-care bill that even the legislators who voted it into law don’t want to follow. It leads to protests over a law that simply requires abortion clinics to maintain the same safety standards as any other surgical clinic. And it results in the ostracization of any politician who dares disagree with their party’s position, as well as any number of other silly and childish behaviors.

Dr. Ben Carson, speaking of lawyers as politicians, asked, “What do lawyers learn in law school? To win, by hook or by crook”[1]. That is what our government has turned into, two teams who only want to be the winner, by hook or by crook. But this is an illusion: we are one team on one field. Turning politics into a game only ensures that no matter who wins, America still loses.

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