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S is for Sabotage

The Affordable Care Act hinges on having large numbers of young and healthy people sign up for the government’s insurance. Their money and lack of health issues are needed to subsidize the care for older or unhealthy customers. Without the contribution from the young and healthy, there simply won’t be enough money to pay for everyone else, much like how Social Security currently works.

But who could have predicted that scores of healthy and vibrant young people wouldn’t flock to sign up for overpriced insurance plans that they can survive without at this point in their lives? The Republicans, that’s who. Before its implementation, Republicans warned that the ACA was unfeasible and were dismissed with accusations of racism, hatred, and only being motivated by politics. And now that it turns out they were right, they’re being accused of fear mongering and sabotage.

One of the political reporters at the Washington Post seems to think that if only those pesky Republicans would stop accurately identifying the glaring flaws in the ACA, young insurance buyers wouldn’t be scared away from signing up [1]. Evidently people are being turned off by the millions of cancelation notices, the rising premiums, the broken promises, and the threat of identity theft while using the government’s website, and it’s all the Republican’s fault because they pointed it out.

This is somewhat like blaming the weatherman when a tornado destroys your house because he predicted and reported it, but why use logic and common sense when you can use misdirection, blame and emotional outbursts instead? After all, it’s a lot harder to distract people from your mistakes when you only rely on thoughtful and reasonable discourse. Perhaps the Washington Post was inspired to play the blame game by The New York Times who recently blamed Republicans for JFK’s assassination…. by Lee Harvey Oswald….the communist [2].

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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Part 2

Does anyone remember when back in August of 2012, the Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, deliberately misquoted the LA Times to support a lie about Republicans in a fund-raising letter? When called out about her dishonesty by Anderson Cooper, her response to him was to declare “it doesn’t matter. [1]

Fast forward to the present day, and she’s back to her old tricks. By now, everyone must be familiar with Obama’s spectacularly failed promise that everyone who wanted to keep their existing health plan would be able to do so. So what’s an administration with such a problem to do? Call the liar-in-chief, of course.

And call her they did. Out trotted Ms. Wasserman Shultz on MSNBC, like the dutiful trained pony that she is, where she claimed, “There was nothing about what President Obama or that I or any other Democrat supporting the Affordable Care Act said that was not true. [2]” Really, Ms. Wasserman Shultz? Really?

Perhaps her goal with such a statement was to shock her opponents into a stunned silence with sheer brazen dishonesty. I’m at a loss as to what else could have prompted such an announcement, because she surely knows that the President’s own rule-writers estimated that huge percentages of people would lose their grandfathered plans at the time he made his famous “You Can Keep It” speech [3].

She also stated that only 3% of Americans would lose their existing health plans, when the real experts think that the number will be closer to 68% by the end of 2014 [4]. But not to worry, because according to her, “At the end of the day, most of those people who are having their plans transitioned will have better benefits for lower costs [2].” I guess what was implied was, “Don’t worry about all those families whose premiums and deductibles have gone up as their coverage has gone down [5].”

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