On The Road Again

09 May

One of the things that Washington, DC is known for, other than corruption in government and a spectacularly high crime rate [1], is how difficult it is to drive there. It is congested [2], the layout is baffling, and its famous DuPont Circle is a notorious example of an intersection to be avoided at all costs.

Understandably, it’s a very common occurrence for people to become disoriented while driving in DC. This is exactly what happened to a hapless IRS employee who, a few days ago, made the worst left-hand turn of his life. It happened to put him right behind a motorcade carrying the Obama girls, and when he wasn’t stopped at a security checkpoint, he unknowingly followed it all the way into The White House perimeter before being pulled over.

After being arrested and investigated, it was determined that it was an accidental wrong turn and that he wasn’t a threat. However, he is still being charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry, which can carry a sentence of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine [3]. You heard correctly; this poor guy is facing half a year in jail for accidentally getting too close to the royal heirs.

I realize that there is a need for strong security for The First Family; however, the situation with this confused IRS agent seems too similar to the treatment that a lowly commoner would get for getting too close to royalty in centuries past.  The guy didn’t do or intend any harm and the real fault lies with whoever let him in in the first place.

With the extravagant vacations, huge staff, designer clothing, and constant association with celebrities that the Obamas indulge in, it feels like this is just one more facet of their royalty complex. Imagine what would have happened to the poor guy if he laid eyes on the precious princesses.

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