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Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: The Affordable Health Care Act does not make health care more affordable. You can’t ensure that everyone has access to affordable health care by simply mandating that people buy insurance.

One reason why mandated insurance isn’t the answer is that there is more demand for medical care than there are doctors to supply it. Insurance won’t help you if you can’t get in to see a doctor, either because the wait time is just too long or because doctors won’t take your sub-standard insurance [1]. This already is the case with Medicare. The compensation simply isn’t worth it to many doctors, and Obamacare is going to be in the same category [1]. This will put millions more people into the already overloaded system of doctors that accept the government’s cut rate plans, which means less access to care for patients.

There’s a reason we don’t have a surplus of doctors. It takes from 11 to 14 years of education and training to become a doctor and comes with an average debt of over $166,000 [2]. Residents work enough hours for two full time jobs for years with poor compensation. People who are willing to go through this kind of ordeal are not common, and they will be even less common if they can’t expect to be compensated for their initial investment of time and money.

We should be finding ways of increasing the supply of care, like encouraging more direct primary care and nurse practitioners, instead of focusing on running the insurance industry into the ground.

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S is for Sabotage

The Affordable Care Act hinges on having large numbers of young and healthy people sign up for the government’s insurance. Their money and lack of health issues are needed to subsidize the care for older or unhealthy customers. Without the contribution from the young and healthy, there simply won’t be enough money to pay for everyone else, much like how Social Security currently works.

But who could have predicted that scores of healthy and vibrant young people wouldn’t flock to sign up for overpriced insurance plans that they can survive without at this point in their lives? The Republicans, that’s who. Before its implementation, Republicans warned that the ACA was unfeasible and were dismissed with accusations of racism, hatred, and only being motivated by politics. And now that it turns out they were right, they’re being accused of fear mongering and sabotage.

One of the political reporters at the Washington Post seems to think that if only those pesky Republicans would stop accurately identifying the glaring flaws in the ACA, young insurance buyers wouldn’t be scared away from signing up [1]. Evidently people are being turned off by the millions of cancelation notices, the rising premiums, the broken promises, and the threat of identity theft while using the government’s website, and it’s all the Republican’s fault because they pointed it out.

This is somewhat like blaming the weatherman when a tornado destroys your house because he predicted and reported it, but why use logic and common sense when you can use misdirection, blame and emotional outbursts instead? After all, it’s a lot harder to distract people from your mistakes when you only rely on thoughtful and reasonable discourse. Perhaps the Washington Post was inspired to play the blame game by The New York Times who recently blamed Republicans for JFK’s assassination…. by Lee Harvey Oswald….the communist [2].

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