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It’s Not My Fault

Our President seems unfamiliar with the concept of command responsibility. I would have thought that by now someone would have pulled him aside for a quiet chat to explain that the person at the top is responsible for what happens on their watch. The President certainly understands the idea of taking credit for things that are done by other people under his supervision, as evidenced by the constant reminders that he brought down Osama Bin Laden, but when it comes to massive blunders, all we hear is that it’s not his fault because he wasn’t informed[1].

The constantly changing story about the murders at the US embassy in Benghazi is the latest example of the President trying to dodge responsibility. We’ve heard lies about how an offensive YouTube video caused the attacks[2], followed shortly by the claim that the White House wasn’t told about the situation and that no one requested aid[1], a denial that they ever claimed the film was responsible, and Secretary of State Clinton trying to take the responsibility for the events in Benghazi[3].

However, all variations of the story have proven to be false. The White House knew just a few hours after the attack that it was carried out by terrorists, and was no protest over a video[4]. They received warnings and requests for extra assistance before the attacks and did not respond to them[5]. And despite Secretary Clinton’s claims that it’s all her fault, the truth is that the President is ultimately responsible for what happens under his administration. If President Obama was truly ignorant of the events unfolding in the situation room located in his own house, then it’s still his fault for being an incompetent administrator. To quote Stan Lee, “With great power comes great responsibility”[6]. Obama has shown he wants the great power. It’s time for him to accept the great responsibility.

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