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Doctor Doctor, Give Me the News

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: The Affordable Health Care Act does not make health care more affordable. You can’t ensure that everyone has access to affordable health care by simply mandating that people buy insurance.

One reason why mandated insurance isn’t the answer is that there is more demand for medical care than there are doctors to supply it. Insurance won’t help you if you can’t get in to see a doctor, either because the wait time is just too long or because doctors won’t take your sub-standard insurance [1]. This already is the case with Medicare. The compensation simply isn’t worth it to many doctors, and Obamacare is going to be in the same category [1]. This will put millions more people into the already overloaded system of doctors that accept the government’s cut rate plans, which means less access to care for patients.

There’s a reason we don’t have a surplus of doctors. It takes from 11 to 14 years of education and training to become a doctor and comes with an average debt of over $166,000 [2]. Residents work enough hours for two full time jobs for years with poor compensation. People who are willing to go through this kind of ordeal are not common, and they will be even less common if they can’t expect to be compensated for their initial investment of time and money.

We should be finding ways of increasing the supply of care, like encouraging more direct primary care and nurse practitioners, instead of focusing on running the insurance industry into the ground.

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Affordable Health Care, My Sweet Aunt Fanny!

There are plenty of laws with misleading names, but the official name of Obamacare, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, should win a prize for the law with the most inaccurate title. The name suggests that its purpose might be to protect patient’s privacy or treatment options and to do things to reduce the price of health care, such as initiate malpractice reform or create low-cost options for patients. However, it doesn’t do anything like that.

What Obamacare actually does is force debilitating regulations on private insurance companies and tax people for their personal insurance choices. Even though the name of the act includes the phrase “affordable care,” all it really does to aid Americans to get affordable care is to compel the uninsured to purchase health insurance.

Also, the writers of Obamacare have a questionable definition of “affordable,” even taking into account the huge subsidies on premiums. It’s unlikely that a family that can’t afford to pay for insurance now will be able to afford to pay 5-10% of their income [1] for insurance when the law goes into effect, or that they will be able to afford the $2,085 tax [2] when they don’t have the funds for insurance. Furthermore, health insurance is not health care, so don’t forget about co-pays in addition to premiums [3].

You may be wondering where the money for all the insurance subsidies is going to come from. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the cost of Obamacare over the next decade will come to a whopping 1.25 trillion dollars [4]. If they had been honest about naming Obamacare, it would have been The Drive Insurance Companies Out of Business and Do Nothing to Make Health Care Affordable While Increasing the National Debt Act, but I suppose that title was too long for them.

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Birth Control Brouhaha

It should come as no surprise to anyone that politicians and their parties are not always honest. Misdirection, half-truth, and ommission are tools of their trade. But in the currently popular debate over birth control, certain parties are pulling out all the stops and choosing a complete lie as their tool of choice.

The lie being spread by the left is that, because of Republicans, women are being denied access to birth control. This is simply not true. Nobody is being denied access to birth control. Anyone with a prescription can go to a pharmacy and have it filled.

The truth is that the Republicans are against Obama’s mandate that employers and health plans must provide free prescription birth control to workers. Regardless of where you stand on the morality of birth control, this country isn’t so far gone that we can’t recognize that stealing is wrong. When you force someone to give you something that doesn’t belong to you, that is stealing.

If an employer or health plan should choose to provide free birth control, then they should be allowed to do so. However, forcing a private employer or company to provide it for free is organized theft. The government of our country has blithely ignored what is constitutional in order to do what is popular.

The 5th ammendment of the US constitution [1] states that the government shall not take private property for public use, without just compensation. But in spite of this, the federal government has mandated that private property, in this case birth control, be taken from employers and health plans and redistributed to a portion of the population without compensation. To force employers who are morally opposed to birth control to pay for it was just adding insult to injury.

This is the truth that the left’s lie was designed to hide.

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