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Check Your Privilege

Whenever I hear the term “white privilege,” I can feel my blood pressure rising. White privilege is the idea that every white person has an easier life than anyone of any other race just because they’re white. And when whites point out that they have never received any special privileges because of their race, proponents of the white privilege idea conveniently assert that whites are all so privileged that they can’t even see how privileged they really are.

Anyone looking at this concept objectively can see that there is no way this can be universally true. Not every white person is affluent, well-educated, or receives enough inherited wealth to set them up for a care-free existence. Nor is every minority poor, uneducated, or discriminated against on a daily basis. It is simply ridiculous to believe this is the case and yet, there are people who actually think this is true.

I realize that our nation is not perfect, and that there is a legitimate history of official racial discrimination. I also realize that situations may be harder for minorities in different places around the country than they are here in Oregon. However, public policies of racial discrimination are a thing of the past, and the remaining prejudices of a minority of whites are no excuse to demonize the entire Caucasian race as the hereditary oppressors of the world.

The concept of white privilege, by its very prejudicial nature, cannot do anything to soothe the remaining racial tensions in our country. It is not a concept of reconciliation. It is a concept of assigning guilt to all whites for every injustice of the past. It is a concept of telling minorities that they simply can’t succeed and that it’s the fault of the white majority.  Quite simply, a philosophy whose only focus is telling people how much they are held down can never succeed in raising them up.

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Voter Indemnification

Showing identification is part of everyday life. You need it to get any kind of license, cash a check, open an account, buy alcohol or tobacco, get a job, fly on a plane, or rent just about anything. You even need to show ID to return something at Walmart. In short, having identification is part of being a responsible adult, comparable to filing tax returns or registering for the draft.

So as often as ID is necessary in our everyday lives, it would seem that providing photo ID before voting should be completely reasonable, if not expected. Unfortunately, there are those who are claiming that preventing voter fraud isn’t a good enough reason to require photo ID. The NAACP and many democrats claim that requiring identification to vote is discriminatory towards minorities, because in their view, many minorities are unable to procure identification due to extreme poverty or lack of transportation.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find the assertion that an entire race is incapable of functioning as responsible adults to be very discriminatory. It’s pretty much the definition of racism to claim that blacks can’t manage to get ID, as if their race makes them less capable or less responsible than everyone else.

Some anti-voter ID activists have realized how silly it is to claim that blacks can’t get ID, so they argue that there are Americans of all races who are too destitute to obtain ID. However, the states that require voter ID also offer voter ID cards for free, which can hardly be called a hardship or “poll tax.” It’s also worth noting that anyone who is too poor to obtain ID would qualify for government assistance, which requires ID!

You want to know something else you need ID for? To get into a NAACP or DNC meeting.

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I Know You Are But What Am I?

Emotions run hot when discussing politics. People of every political philosophy are guilty of getting carried away and saying reprehensible things to one another in defense of their beliefs. But even though heated discussions are nothing new when it comes to politics, serious accusations are now being thrown around recklessly in an attempt to discredit those with opposing political views.

Our current President is black, and I don’t think anyone can deny that this is a historic milestone for the nation. However, that doesn’t mean every policy coming from his office is going to be universally agreed upon. There has never been a president who hasn’t met with political opposition; even George Washington had detractors. So why are people now being branded as “racist” simply because they disagree with the President’s policies? Is he immune from making wrong choices because he’s black? Of course not! Are people that disagree with his choices all just bitter racists [1] as the President has claimed? Of course not! The very idea should be offensive to people of all races, as it implies that a black president should get different treatment than a white president.

Other terms that are being too freely thrown around are “bigot”, “misogynist”, and “hate”. According to liberals, if you don’t support same-sex marriage, you’re a bigot who hates homosexuals. If you don’t support abortion or government funding for birth control, you’re a misogynist who wants to control women. If you have a problem with immigrants who don’t follow immigration laws, you are, once again, racist. However, just because I disagree with you, it doesn’t logically follow that I hate you. Likewise, if I don’t want to give you everything you want, it doesn’t indicate hate. It’s just easier to dismiss people you don’t agree with as hateful rather than to try to understand their point of view.

And the moon is made of cheese.

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